The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Marking Money Online


Over the last few months I’ve been studying how I can be making money online with affiliate and CPA marketing. It’s been pretty mind blowing. The people in this world are making tens of thousands of dollars a day, and they don’t talk about it.

The richest affiliate and cpa marketers are people you’ve never heard of, they’re usually solo operators just quietly and discreetly making money online to the tune of $50,000+ per day.

It’s pretty crazy really. Some of them do some coaching and have mastermind programs, but they’re charging a minimum of $20,000 per day to work with anyone.

Anyways, I wanted to talk briefly about how studying these guys business models has changed my thinking:

1. They aren’t attached to a particular offer or product. People in the biz opp world are usually stuck trying to sell a particular product. Super affiliates promote whatever is the most profitable thing to promote.

2. Because they aren’t attached to a particular offer, they focus on learning how to monetize an audience. They figure out what a particular group of people like to buy, and how to sell it to them.

3. They test and track absolutely everything. Every single variable inĀ  their business is constantly being split tested, even for a 1% increase in results. This is a never ending process.

4. They don’t depend on things they can’t control. If they can’t control a particular offer, (they don’t own the business) then they don’t allow themselves to become dependent on it. So if it goes away, their income won’t be drastically affected.

The most important part for non super affiliates to understand it #1 and #2.

Instead of thinking about how to sell a particular product or service, think about how to solve a particular problem. Try to understand the beliefs and desires of a group of people and sell solutions that are consistent with their beliefs and desires.

I have a friend who made a 1 million dollar profit last year with one single offer and 1 single traffic source. He understands that audience so well that if all he did all year was promote that offer to those people, he still would have made a million dollars.

It takes about an hour a day (maybe less) to promote a single offer with a single traffic source.

Imagine making a million dollars in a year and only having to work an hour a day?!

That’s the power of knowing how to sell to a particular audience’s beliefs and desires.

Even if the offer he’s promoting goes away, he’ll just find another one. No big deal. Because he knows how to sell to those people.

Anyways, I tell you all that to tell you this: If you really want to make a lot of money as a marketer you have to learn everything you can about a particular audience.

Who are you selling to? What do they believe? What do they want?

How can you sell your stuff to them in a way that gets them what they want? How can you use their existing beliefs to sell it to them?

Read the previous paragraph again.

I hope that helps.