Free Video Reveals: “4 Steps To Building A Massive AND Responsive Email List Full Of People Who Literally Beg You To Take Their Money.”


The first skill you need to master to make money online is called ‘List Building!’. It’s actually pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Watch the video below for a click by click tutorial, the 4 basic steps are outlined below the video:


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1. Create a lead magnet: a lead magnet is just an ethical bribe that you’re offering your target market in exchange for their contact info. Something that most people don’t tell you is that you should also be starting the process of making your list think you’re cool so they’ll want to buy your stuff.

Generally you want to start with something that’s short and sweet like a downloadable book, a video training/tutorial etc…, and some companies are even using actual physical books .

The overall goal is to get their contact info. and start building a relationship with them, to start the process of making them think you’re cool so they’ll beg you to let them put their money in your pocket.

2. Crate a landing page advertising that lead magnet: This part is super easy. Assuming your lead magnet is something that your target actually wants you just come up with a few simple headlines that advertise your lead magnet.

“Free Video Reveals: 4 Steps to building a massive email list of laser targeted leads who will constantly beg you to put their money in your pocket!”

Honestly, the more ridiculous the better. I know it’s a little gross but it works. If people saw that stuff while they were hanging around other people they would likely ignore or mock it, but when they’re searching around the internet in the middle of the night for a solution to a problem that’s keeping them from sleeping, they won’t be able to click submit fast enough.

3. Send some traffic to your landing page: You can get traffic from a long list of places, my favorite strategy is to buy it from a broker because I’m lazy but with some practice you can get ridiculous ROI’s from Bing PPC, other PPC networks, YouTube ads, POF ads, Facebook Ads, other social media sites/apps, PPV sites and on and on… It’s constantly evolving.

4. Optimize your campaign: I won’t cover it in this tutorial, but to optimize a campaign you have to split test each piece of it. That just means you’ll set up two pages/sales videos/emails etc… to see which one works best.