Direct linking on sitescout? Could it really be that easy?

Sooo… I recently started playing around with banner ads because I realized I had a bunch of money left in a sitescout account and I accidentally got some positive results.

Basically I just picked a high gravity clickbank offer, downloaded their banners and ran then against what I thought was a pretty common sense custom audience.

I set my daily budget to $20 and blew threw it to $55 in less than an hour lol… oops… but I got a conversion. So that’s good. Even better: I overpaid by either $15 or $30 for the traffic because I didn’t have my campaign set up properly so I would have been close to profitable or maybe even break even without even optimizing the campaign at all.

Needless to say I set up a new campaign with some seriously narrowed town targeting so it’ll be easier to optimize.

I went from like 9 audiences and 30 banners (3 different sizes) to 2 audiences and 10 banners (1 size). I’m still waiting for the campaign to be approved but I’m starting to think sitescouts approval committee doesn’t  work weekends because they sure are taking their sweet ass time approving my campaign…

Anyways, I’ll post again when the campaign has been approved and I’ve got some more conversions so I can start optimizing the campaign.

Honestly I’m not sure if I should be optimizing on placements or ads or both? I’ve never done banners before. I guess I’ll just have to look at the data to see if there’s a clear correlation.

It seems like different banners would perform differently on different placements. It’ll take some time to get all of that worked out I suppose.

SiteScout doesn’t have a token for tracking audiences so you have to set up separate campaigns for each audience to track their performance against each other.

The cool thing is that SiteScout lets you track individual ads and placements there’s a lot of room for optimization.

Note: I’m not creating any content for this campaign, it’s all direct linking (AKA traffic arbitrage) so I might be able to create some of my own content and get much higher conversions.

If you look at you’ll see where most of the traffic is coming in from for a particular offer. For the one that I’m promoting, most of it is coming from a few flogs (fake blogs) which means it’s probably profitable to create some content.

If I’m getting in to profit so easily by direct linking some banner traffic then the margins must be huge with some good content.

Well… It’s getting late here so I’m gonna go to sleep,


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