Are you the customer or the business owner?


In the video above this text I ask a simple question: Are you the customer or the business owner? Most people in the opportunity market are the customer, despite thinking and being constantly told they’re the business owner.

If you’re not sure which category you’re in here’s a great test: Are you making money or spending money? If you’re spending money then you’re the consumer. That covers well over 90% of all the so called ‘business owners’ in the opportunity market.

If you’re excuse is that you just started then consider this: It’s entirely possible to make $10k in your first month and more than that every month afterwards if you’re using the correct strategies.

Most people go on for years and years without making any money at all. It’s pretty sad really. Many of them are slackers who will never achieve any success with anything, but probably just as many of them could succeed and would succeed if they were using the correct strategies.

Do you think you could make a bunch of money in your business if every week you had as many prescheduled sales calls as you wanted? What if the calls were with people who had applied to join your team and you didn’t have to try to convince them and twist their arm,  just answer them questions and tell them to sign up?

It’s entirely possible and when you join my team I’ll teach you how to do it.

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