CPA Marketing Tips From An Amateur


I’ll be honest with you, CPA marketing is fucking hard, there are definitely easier ways to make money online, and I’m definitely not making a bazillion dollars as a CPA marketer yet so I’m probably not the best person to be giving you any CPA Marketing Tips but a bunch of the people on my VIP Subscribers List have been asking about my progress so here are my best CPA Marketing Tips:



CPA Marketing Tips to help you live the laptop lifestyle.
CPA Marketing Tips to help you live the laptop lifestyle.


My Best CPA Marketing Tips:

1. Don’t try to direct link the offers. Unless you’re in a small market without much competition it’s nearly impossible to profitably direct link anything. If was that

2. Spy on the other people who are promoting the offer. Use to see where the most traffic is coming in from, you’ll probably find that there’s an advertorial sending the most traffic. Advertorials make the most sales, which allows the advertiser to pay the most for the traffic, so they tend to buy most or all of it.

3. Learn to create advertorials. They work. The goal is to convince people that they’re reading an article or editorial. If misleading people to make more money is uncomfortable to you then get out of marketing now.  You’re just not cut out for it.

4. Don’t be afraid to spend money. You’ve got to buy some data. You’re never going to be profitable right away. When you start a campaign your goal is to identify profitable advertising targets.

5. Hire a coach if you can afford one. Seriously. Figuring it out on your own is way to hard.

So far that’s all I’ve come up with. Those are my best CPA marketing tips, I’ll continue to put out more content on the subject as my skills improve so keep checking back for more if it’s something you’re interested in.It’s all about testing and tracking.

Being a great salesman helps, being able to write copy helps, being able to design websites helps a lot. Any skill that’ll allow you to create and test landers quickly (don’t forget to focus on advertorials, farticles, flogs etc… think misdirection)

Nothing more annoying than having to wait a week to get your ads back from the programmer while your competitors are building their own in just a couple hours.

Here are a few popular CPA networks to start with:





Here are a couple advertising networks to start with:

50 On Red

Bing Ads