ClickFunnels Is Better Than LeadPages, So I Use That Now And I Think You Should Too.


You’re on this page because you watched a video or read an article of mine that recommended using LeadPages, and while LeadPages is OK… ClickFunnels is waaayyyyyy better.

So please, instead of using LeadPages, click this link and ClickFunnels instead.

I would add some tutorials for ClickFunnels to show you how awesome it is, but the training videos available inside their members are so awesome that I really think you should just set up a free trial acccount and watch those so click here now and set up your free trial account so you can watch their videos.

12 thoughts on “ClickFunnels Is Better Than LeadPages, So I Use That Now And I Think You Should Too.”

    1. To pass your tracking data through a landing page you have to use a script (php, js etc…) and for some reason they don’t work on Leadpages. They do however, work on Clickfunnels.

      Also, clickfunnels is a lot easier to use and their exit pops work a lot better. You can use it to create all kinds of sales funnels. evergreen webinar funnels, membership sites, launch funnels etc…

    1. It works for creating pages etc… but you cant pass tracking data through their pages anymore. So you can’t really send paid traffic through their pages unless you’re just running solo ads and you don’t need to track targets (url’s, ads, keywords). Their 2 step opt in screws up the script that passes the data through. Their support team even admitted that they don’t know how to make it work. Also the people from clickmagick dont know how to make it work (and they’re really really smart).

      CLickfunnels works and I’ve gotten up to 70% opt in on their pages anyways because of their exit pops being so much better, which I never got on leadpages.

  1. Hi! Joey.

    I just fall on your video on YouTube by searching something on how to make internet marketing right with a right tutor. As a newbie and I don’t want to do thing wrong and who will take me more long time to proceed. I want to donk thing with little test and it works perfectly.
    Could you help me and show me how to become an affiliate marketer without any mistake step by step and it will work if I apply it efficiently.

    Thank and I wish even if you have a little time you will be able to help a person like me.

    1. No, you will make mistakes no matter who your mentor is. That’s how you learn. To become an affiliate marketer, or anything really, you have to be willing to fail over and over and over again until you develop your skills and you get good at it. Nobody ever got good at anything, especially something lucrative, without failing a lot first.

  2. HI Jo,
    I watched your youtube video which is great!! But me question is …if I did not build landing page through wordpress, how to pass tracking data through landing page?

    1. Where did you build your landing page? I tend to use clickfunnels for everything these days, unless I’m running traffic from a picky network that requires real content like google or facebook. It’s pretty much the same process on any medium, just create a tracking link and paste in your scripts. If you link me the page I’d be glad to give it a look and give more specific advice.

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