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9/11/15 Update On My Affiliate Marketing Business


Sooo… It’s been a little while since I’ve written anything so I figured I should just give you an update on my business.

I’ve completely exited the ‘make money’, ‘work from home’, ‘get rich quick’ and ‘business opportunity’ markets and I’ve stopped buying solo ads.

The longer I was in those markets, the more I learned about it, the more I made friends with people who sell stuff in those markets, the less I wanted to be part of it.

Most of the money made in those markets is made by selling crap to suckers and I don’t want to be part of it.

I don’t want to say much more about it publicly so I’ll just leave it at that.

I’ve completely started over with a different group of affiliate products that serve businesses. It sucks to go from making a little money to losing money but I think it’s a better long term business model.

Also, the ultimate plan is to be in a market where I can get vertically integrated or maybe sell the site and the income from it.

So here’s the current strategy:

Create persuasive content that sells affiliate products using traffic from Googles networks. Search, Display, and YouTube. The focus on selling products that pay residuals in markets with long customer lifetimes.

I’m building out a website with lots of useful ‘how to’ content on it that will help people while selling them stuff.

There are a few big competitors promoting the same stuff which is good and bad. It’s good because they wouldn’t be promoting it if it wasn’t profitable, it’s bad because they have already bidded up the price of the traffic so I have to do 2 things to compete with them and make money in this market:

1. Create content that is more persuasive than theirs. I’ve gotta get more revenue out of each click than they do so I can afford to pay more for the traffic than they can.

There are some serious drawbacks to this strategy. It can be expensive. It’ll require lots of split testing.

They might be taking a loss on the front end and making their profits on the renewals. This could mean that I’ll never get the front end offer in to profit, or that I might never get it in to profit at a big scale.

This would be very hard for me to overcome. I’m currently operating on the belief that they’re making money on the front end of their business and that when my content is good enough I’ll be able to do that as well.

I’m taking a big chance here.

2. Find cheaper ways to advertise the content. Usually an affiliate marketer is really good at one traffic source, so if I can find a traffic source that they all suck at I can find my profit there.

Their sites are very text and screenshot oriented. My plan is to start running YouTube traffic because my site has lots of videos on it.

Most of them have YouTube channels and are getting sales from YouTube, but they don’t seem to be advertising very effectively on YouTube. I think this is where my opportunity is in this market.

The only thing that really matters in digital direct response sales…

No matter which strategy I’m using, the only thing that matters is getting the EPC to be bigger than the CPC. Getting the earnings per click to be higher than the cost per click.

Everything else is bullshit. Engagement, likes, shares, comments, clicks, opt in rates etc… are all useful for making strategic and optimization oriented decisions, but ultimately ECP vs. CPC is the most important statistic to monitor and work on and make decisions on.

So far it’s not profitable but I’m still optimizing the landing pages, and getting used to Google’s advertising network.

Google is a real pain in the ass to deal with but for the products I’m selling I’ve gotta be on Google to scale up in to full time income (so I don’t have to go back to working at a job) so I figured I might as well start there.

I tried Bing out first but there’s just not enough traffic on that network for the relevant keywords for my site.

Currently I’m using prosper 202 to track my traffic and I’m using Sumome’s heatmap to optimize the pages.

I haven’t actually set up split tests yet, but I’m learning how to use php so I can set up a self hosted rotator script. I’ll share it with you when I get it sorted it out properly.

Really I should have been split testing from the beginning but I wanted to get started running some traffic to see what would happen right away.

I want to point out that I’m not trying to direct link any affiliate sales pages and there’s a good reason for that: You google account is ‘linked’ to any site that you link to, even if the campaign is never approved and never runs.

If you link your google advertising account to a site it’s linked to that site forever. If google changes their content policies you’ll have to change your content to make it compliant with the new policies or your account will be suspended.

If your account is linked to any sites that you can’t change then you’ll have to go through the hassle of creating an account under someone else’s name or find some other way of getting another account with them.





How to decide what Clickbank products to promote.


One of the biggest struggles for new marketers is figuring out what Clickbank products to promote. I felt the same way when I started and I hear that question all the time.

The truth is: its not a big deal. Just fucking pick something already. If other people are making money by selling it then you probably can too.

Below is a little guide I’ve prepared for you to help you figure out what Clickbank products to promote so read it, follow the instructions, and start doing some work.

You really don’t need to spend a lot of time figuring out what Clickbank products to promote. Just pick one already…

There are really only a few  things to consider when deciding what Clickbank products to promote:

#1: Look for Clickbank products to promote that other affiliates are already promoting.

This advice was intimidating to me when I first got started because I was afraid of competition. I thought it would be better to promote a product that didn’t have much competition.

The truth is, it’s much better to promote something that lots of other people are promoting. Pick Clickbank products to promote that are already popular with other affiliates.

There might be some unknown offer out there that converts like crazy but you aren’t smart enough to look at an offer and decide if it’ll convert traffic in to commissions or not. Nobody is.

The numbers don’t lie. The only way to know is to spend a lot of money testing to figure out which Clickbank products to promote or just pick something that other people are already promoting.

The best way to figure out whats converting well is to find something that lots of other people are already promoting.

To do this just go to the Clickbank homepage and click the ‘marketplace’ link at the top of the Clickbank page, click the magnifying glass button with an empty search box to see all of the offers on Clickbank and then sort them by Gravity.

High gravity = lots of promoters making lots of sales

#2: Pick something with wide appeal

You want to pick something that appeals to almost everyone so there’s a lot of traffic available.

Offers that only appeal to a really small group of people tend to be dominated by a few big time affiliates who will just outbid you for the traffic until you give up and go away.

If you pick an offer with wider appeal then you stand a much better chance of finding some direct linking profits so you won’t have to mess around with learning how to build landing pages at first.

You should eventually test out landing pages, but in the beginning just look for direct linking profits. This is also known as traffic arbitrage. But it just means that you’re sending your traffic right to the offer.

Another benefit of picking a big market is that if the offer you’re promoting goes away then you can just pick a new one. Offers always eventually go away. There will always be competing offers in big markets so you just pick a new one. No big deal.

Sometimes the market gets saturated and the offer stops converting, sometimes the company who owned the offer decided to stop using affiliates, sometimes they just go away. It happens. Just part of the game.

Weight loss, make money, disease cures, dating, anti-aging, and skincare are evergreen. People always want to live longer, look better, get laid more and make more money.

Just pick something already!

Honestly I had planned on giving you a 5 step list because 5 seemed like a good number but I’m really not sure what else to say. Just pick a big market and pick an offer that’s converting for other marketers.

That’s all there is to it. Honestly the offer is the least important part. The important part is what you do to promote the offer. Do your research, set up your tracking, get some traffic and start optimizing.

If you pick an offer that’s converting and you’re not getting conversions it’s you, not the offer. Accept responsibility and start developing your skills. Stick with one good offer until you figure it out.

You’re the magic bullet.

Note: I know there is at least one person reading this hoping that I would reveal the super top secret underground offer that I’m promoting, you know, the one that sucks money out of peoples wallets on autopilot like an out of control vacuum cleaner and then deposits it in to my bank account.

It doesn’t exist. Sure, some offers convert better than others, but I’ve already told you how to find out which ones convert. Just pick one from the top 20 gravity list on Clickbank.

There’s no magic secret system that’s going to make you rich. Stop looking for it. There’s a whole industry around selling stuff to people who are looking for a magic bullet.

I’ve read books about it. It’s called the opportunity market. Don’t be part of the opportunity market unless you’re selling something to those people.

You’ve gotta learn the skills and do the work. Learn to buy traffic. Learn to track your results. Learn to optimize your traffic campaigns. Learn to create pre-sell pages. Learn to split test.

That’s the magic bullet. You’re the magic bullet. You’re gotta become more valuable. You’re gotta become the source of your income. All good things come from becoming more valuable.

Now you know what Clickbank products to promote so pick one and start doing work. No more research, no more fiddling around, just get started.

Bing is a good place to start getting traffic. Check out this guide on setting up and optimizing a Bing traffic campaign.

Direct linking on sitescout? Could it really be that easy?

Sooo… I recently started playing around with banner ads because I realized I had a bunch of money left in a sitescout account and I accidentally got some positive results.

Basically I just picked a high gravity clickbank offer, downloaded their banners and ran then against what I thought was a pretty common sense custom audience.

I set my daily budget to $20 and blew threw it to $55 in less than an hour lol… oops… but I got a conversion. So that’s good. Even better: I overpaid by either $15 or $30 for the traffic because I didn’t have my campaign set up properly so I would have been close to profitable or maybe even break even without even optimizing the campaign at all.

Needless to say I set up a new campaign with some seriously narrowed town targeting so it’ll be easier to optimize.

I went from like 9 audiences and 30 banners (3 different sizes) to 2 audiences and 10 banners (1 size). I’m still waiting for the campaign to be approved but I’m starting to think sitescouts approval committee doesn’t  work weekends because they sure are taking their sweet ass time approving my campaign…

Anyways, I’ll post again when the campaign has been approved and I’ve got some more conversions so I can start optimizing the campaign.

Honestly I’m not sure if I should be optimizing on placements or ads or both? I’ve never done banners before. I guess I’ll just have to look at the data to see if there’s a clear correlation.

It seems like different banners would perform differently on different placements. It’ll take some time to get all of that worked out I suppose.

SiteScout doesn’t have a token for tracking audiences so you have to set up separate campaigns for each audience to track their performance against each other.

The cool thing is that SiteScout lets you track individual ads and placements there’s a lot of room for optimization.

Note: I’m not creating any content for this campaign, it’s all direct linking (AKA traffic arbitrage) so I might be able to create some of my own content and get much higher conversions.

If you look at you’ll see where most of the traffic is coming in from for a particular offer. For the one that I’m promoting, most of it is coming from a few flogs (fake blogs) which means it’s probably profitable to create some content.

If I’m getting in to profit so easily by direct linking some banner traffic then the margins must be huge with some good content.

Well… It’s getting late here so I’m gonna go to sleep,