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In this section I’ll teach you lots of cool stuff through marketing guides and tutorials that require using more than one of the various tools I recommend using.

The Most Important Thing I’ve Learned About Marking Money Online


Over the last few months I’ve been studying how I can be making money online with affiliate and CPA marketing. It’s been pretty mind blowing. The people in this world are making tens of thousands of dollars a day, and they don’t talk about it.

The richest affiliate and cpa marketers are people you’ve never heard of, they’re usually solo operators just quietly and discreetly making money online to the tune of $50,000+ per day.

It’s pretty crazy really. Some of them do some coaching and have mastermind programs, but they’re charging a minimum of $20,000 per day to work with anyone.

Anyways, I wanted to talk briefly about how studying these guys business models has changed my thinking:

1. They aren’t attached to a particular offer or product. People in the biz opp world are usually stuck trying to sell a particular product. Super affiliates promote whatever is the most profitable thing to promote.

2. Because they aren’t attached to a particular offer, they focus on learning how to monetize an audience. They figure out what a particular group of people like to buy, and how to sell it to them.

3. They test and track absolutely everything. Every single variable in  their business is constantly being split tested, even for a 1% increase in results. This is a never ending process.

4. They don’t depend on things they can’t control. If they can’t control a particular offer, (they don’t own the business) then they don’t allow themselves to become dependent on it. So if it goes away, their income won’t be drastically affected.

The most important part for non super affiliates to understand it #1 and #2.

Instead of thinking about how to sell a particular product or service, think about how to solve a particular problem. Try to understand the beliefs and desires of a group of people and sell solutions that are consistent with their beliefs and desires.

I have a friend who made a 1 million dollar profit last year with one single offer and 1 single traffic source. He understands that audience so well that if all he did all year was promote that offer to those people, he still would have made a million dollars.

It takes about an hour a day (maybe less) to promote a single offer with a single traffic source.

Imagine making a million dollars in a year and only having to work an hour a day?!

That’s the power of knowing how to sell to a particular audience’s beliefs and desires.

Even if the offer he’s promoting goes away, he’ll just find another one. No big deal. Because he knows how to sell to those people.

Anyways, I tell you all that to tell you this: If you really want to make a lot of money as a marketer you have to learn everything you can about a particular audience.

Who are you selling to? What do they believe? What do they want?

How can you sell your stuff to them in a way that gets them what they want? How can you use their existing beliefs to sell it to them?

Read the previous paragraph again.

I hope that helps.

How To Get 85%+ Opt In Rates From Solo Ads And My Super Top Secret Underground Traffic Source (Pleast don’t share this post).

Click play and follow along to see how You Can Get 85% Or Better Opt In Rates From Solo Ads.

ClickFunnels: Click here now to get a free trial account with ClickFunnels.

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Setting up some solo ads while smoking a cigar and drinking some beer.
Setting up some solo ads while smoking a cigar and drinking some beer.

There are two secrets for getting crazy high opt in rates from solo ads.

1. You have to have a great landing page with an even better exit pop.

2. You have to use a high solo ads provider to buy solo ads from.

Watch the video to see how you can build an awesome landing page with an even better exit pop and click here now to get the best solo ad traffic available in the industry.

In order to make money online you need to do 3 things:

1. Find an offer that converts traffic in to buyers. I use this one.

2. Find a really high quality source of solo ads that’s super targeted for your offer. I use this one.

3. You need to build a landing page that gets crazy high opt in rates. To do that just follow the instructions in the video at the top of the page.

CPA Marketing Tips From An Amateur


I’ll be honest with you, CPA marketing is fucking hard, there are definitely easier ways to make money online, and I’m definitely not making a bazillion dollars as a CPA marketer yet so I’m probably not the best person to be giving you any CPA Marketing Tips but a bunch of the people on my VIP Subscribers List have been asking about my progress so here are my best CPA Marketing Tips:



CPA Marketing Tips to help you live the laptop lifestyle.
CPA Marketing Tips to help you live the laptop lifestyle.


My Best CPA Marketing Tips:

1. Don’t try to direct link the offers. Unless you’re in a small market without much competition it’s nearly impossible to profitably direct link anything. If was that

2. Spy on the other people who are promoting the offer. Use to see where the most traffic is coming in from, you’ll probably find that there’s an advertorial sending the most traffic. Advertorials make the most sales, which allows the advertiser to pay the most for the traffic, so they tend to buy most or all of it.

3. Learn to create advertorials. They work. The goal is to convince people that they’re reading an article or editorial. If misleading people to make more money is uncomfortable to you then get out of marketing now.  You’re just not cut out for it.

4. Don’t be afraid to spend money. You’ve got to buy some data. You’re never going to be profitable right away. When you start a campaign your goal is to identify profitable advertising targets.

5. Hire a coach if you can afford one. Seriously. Figuring it out on your own is way to hard.

So far that’s all I’ve come up with. Those are my best CPA marketing tips, I’ll continue to put out more content on the subject as my skills improve so keep checking back for more if it’s something you’re interested in.It’s all about testing and tracking.

Being a great salesman helps, being able to write copy helps, being able to design websites helps a lot. Any skill that’ll allow you to create and test landers quickly (don’t forget to focus on advertorials, farticles, flogs etc… think misdirection)

Nothing more annoying than having to wait a week to get your ads back from the programmer while your competitors are building their own in just a couple hours.

Here are a few popular CPA networks to start with:





Here are a couple advertising networks to start with:

50 On Red

Bing Ads


Leadpages Review AND Tutorial


In this post I’m going to review Leadpages for you and I’ll include a tutorial or two as well to help get you started using it to build your business. If there’s something specific you would like to do with Lead pages that hasn’t been included in this review then please let me know and I’ll do my best to learn it and shoot a video showing you how to do it.
You can get a free trial so you can follow along with the set up tutorial by clicking here now.

My First Review!

This is the first time I’ve done an official review on anything so don’t be to hard on me if this review sucks. I usually try to stick to putting out trainings and tutorials instead of reviews.

Free Trial

After reading this review and watching the tutorials you can click here now to start you free leadpages trial. It’s really pretty awesome. I highly recommend it.

I love Leadpages for a few reasons:

1. It’s inexpensive compared to the alternative s
2. It’s super easy to use
3. You don’t need a website if you don’t want to have one because Lead pages will host all the pages it creates for you.

Review AND Tutorial Video

  Integrate Autoresponder Video


Click here to get a free trial Get Response account.

Click here to get a free trial Leadpages account.




Leadlinks is a really cool feature that lets you move people from one list to another based on what email links they click on. This is useful for marketers who promote several related offers.

Most of the people who join your list will never buy your main offer, but they might be like to buy something else instead so promoting other products is a great way to further monetize your list.

You might get 1% of the people on your list to buy your main offer, which is pretty good, maybe even profitable. But that leaves another 99% of your list that hasn’t been monetized. You could double your income just by finding another product that gets a 1% conversion.

Imagine having ten or twelve products and being able to monetize 12% of your list instead of only 1% ?!?! Many of the people on your list will buy more than one product, which means even more money in your pocket.

Split Testing

Spit testing is the most important skill you can develop as a marketer. Seriously. Just start doing it. Split testing is marketing. There’s nothing more imortant.

Split testing is built in so you don’t have to worry about learning much, just follow the onscreen instructions and you’ll be good to go. Split testing is so powerful that you can double or triple your income with split testing.

Imagine getting a 10% raise for changing the background color from blue or gray. Or even for underlining a few words. Without split testing you’ll never figure this kind of stuff out.

Obviously your message is really important, but layout and color changes can take a good message and double or triple the return that you get using it.


Leadpages is loaded with templates. All kinds of templates. Templates for opt in pages, templates for sales pages, templates for thank you pages, even templates for launch funnels.

Many of the templates are designed in partnerships with very powerful marketers. Because leadpages already has so many templates to choose from, you don’t really have to know much about marketing to get started using it. Just log in and pick one.

WordPress Plugin

One cool feature is the wordpress plugin that’s included at no extra cost. Basically it allows you to put the pages you’ve created on your wordpress site without doing any coding. This way your links will be “” instead of the lead pages url.

Plus if your wordpress site is on a fast server you’ll get faster load times so you’ll never lose any visitors, like if you’re using ppv ads or something like that where fractions of a second can make a huge difference.

Easy To Use: All Point And Click

Point and click technology. Leadpages is all point and click. You don’t need to do anything but point and click, no coding. You might need to copy and paste from time to time, but that’s the most complicated part.

Easy setup

Easy set up. Lead pages is really easy to set up, just integrate your autoresponder (I prefer Get Response) and start creating your pages.

One of the biggest things that keeps people from making money online is the fact that there’s so much to learn. It”s one less thing to stop you or hold you back from making money online.

Lead pages Alternatives

There are a few leadpages alternatives, but only one of them is really any competition. Clickfunnels has some functionality that leadpages doesn’t have, but it’s also two times as expensive.

Another alternative is epic squeeze pro, which is a wordpress plugin. Its cool because you only have to pay once, but it sucks because it only creates one kind of landing page and nothing else. You can swap out the background image but that’s about it.

Optimize press is another alternative. Honestly I’ve never used optimize press so I really comment on it. I’ve got a few friends who used to use it but stopped when they found leadpages.

 Review Summary

Leadpages is a very powerful tool that can be used to get customers for online businesses as well as offline businesses. Obviously it’ll allow you to create really high converting landing pages, but it’ll also allow you to create thank you pages, sales pages, advertorials, launch funnels, and even help you segment your email lists.

I’ve personally used this tool for lots and lots of different business growth strategies and you can too. It’s used by some of the wealthiest marketers on earth. When it first came out it revolutionized the internet marketing industry and it’s only continued to improve since then.

Pretty much anybody can use it because it’s easy to set up and all of it’s features are pretty much point and click. It’s my favorite sales funnel software, I use it to build all of my landing pages and even some of my sales pages. I don’t generally use thank you pages, but that’s because I use single opt in so it’s really not necessary.

Most marketers use double opt in to build their lists but I don’t think it’s really necessary these days but I guess you’ll have to test it out for yourself and see which one gets you paid the most.


Click here now to start your free Leadpages Trial.


How To Track Conversions On Clickbank


In this post I’ll be showing you how to track your conversions on the Clickbank affiliate network. It’s pretty simple so the video is pretty short, but I promise you it works very well.


Click here to get a free Clickmagick trial account if you don’t already have one. If you’re advertising anything on the internet, you need a tracking service and Clickmagick is the best one I know of.

Here’s a summary:

Basically we’ll be using a data token fro your traffic network to pass the data along to a sub-id i your tracking link, then we’ll be passing that data along to your affiliate link so it’ll be available for analysis in your clickbank back office.

Step 1: create a clean version of your clickbank affiliate link
Step 2: Add [s1] as the tracking info. on your click affiliate link
Step 3: Create a clickmagick tracking link
Step 4: Add the advertising networks token to your clickmagick link as a sub-id
Step 5: Send your traffic to your Clickmagick tracking link with the traffic networks token attached
Step 6: Go in to your clickbank back office and look at the data. Stop buying traffic that isn’t producing sales, start buying more of the traffic that is producing sales.

Note: Here’s a list of common network tokens:

Google AdWords Search Campaigns

{keyword} or {KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{matchtype} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad

Google AdWords Placement/Display Campaigns

{placement} – the site your ad was clicked on
{category} – category of the placement
{creative} – ID of your ad creative

For more information and details on ALL the available Google tokens please click the link below:

Track Clicks with ValueTrack

Bing Tokens

{KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{QueryString} – exact keyword entered by user
{MatchType} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad
{AdID} – AdCenter Ad ID of your ad creative

Facebook Tokens

Facebook doesn’t support any tokens for passing data to your URLs that we’re aware of. With Facebook ads you’ll generally just want to use a unique URL in each of your ads – either a separate tracking link for each, or just one tracking URL with Sub-IDs to identify the ad/source.

AdOn Network Tokens

PARTNERID – ID of the partner that generated the view
${referurl}$ – referring URL of the view

7Search Tokens

###KEYWORD### – keyword that generated the click

Plenty Of Fish Tokens

{gender:default} – gender of the visitor
{state:default} – state of the visitor
{age:default} – age of the visitor

JumpTap Tokens:

JT_OPERATOR – operator name
JT_HANDSET – handset type
JT_PUBLISHER – publisher
JT_SITE – site
JT_KEYWORD – category / keyword


%KEYWORD% – keyword that generated the view

Important: Do NOT turn on “Keyword Pass-Through” with LeadImpact. You must use the %KEYWORD% token.

Direct CPV

($query.keyword) – keyword/target that triggered ad
($query.url) – URL where your ad was triggered
${query.trafficProvider.key} – traffic source

Free Video Reveals: “4 Steps To Building A Massive AND Responsive Email List Full Of People Who Literally Beg You To Take Their Money.”


The first skill you need to master to make money online is called ‘List Building!’. It’s actually pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Watch the video below for a click by click tutorial, the 4 basic steps are outlined below the video:


Click these links and set up your free trial accounts if you don’t already have Lead Pages, Get Response and Click Magick.


1. Create a lead magnet: a lead magnet is just an ethical bribe that you’re offering your target market in exchange for their contact info. Something that most people don’t tell you is that you should also be starting the process of making your list think you’re cool so they’ll want to buy your stuff.

Generally you want to start with something that’s short and sweet like a downloadable book, a video training/tutorial etc…, and some companies are even using actual physical books .

The overall goal is to get their contact info. and start building a relationship with them, to start the process of making them think you’re cool so they’ll beg you to let them put their money in your pocket.

2. Crate a landing page advertising that lead magnet: This part is super easy. Assuming your lead magnet is something that your target actually wants you just come up with a few simple headlines that advertise your lead magnet.

“Free Video Reveals: 4 Steps to building a massive email list of laser targeted leads who will constantly beg you to put their money in your pocket!”

Honestly, the more ridiculous the better. I know it’s a little gross but it works. If people saw that stuff while they were hanging around other people they would likely ignore or mock it, but when they’re searching around the internet in the middle of the night for a solution to a problem that’s keeping them from sleeping, they won’t be able to click submit fast enough.

3. Send some traffic to your landing page: You can get traffic from a long list of places, my favorite strategy is to buy it from a broker because I’m lazy but with some practice you can get ridiculous ROI’s from Bing PPC, other PPC networks, YouTube ads, POF ads, Facebook Ads, other social media sites/apps, PPV sites and on and on… It’s constantly evolving.

4. Optimize your campaign: I won’t cover it in this tutorial, but to optimize a campaign you have to split test each piece of it. That just means you’ll set up two pages/sales videos/emails etc… to see which one works best.