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Tutorials on how to use ClickMagick and how awesome it is.

How To Get 85%+ Opt In Rates From Solo Ads And My Super Top Secret Underground Traffic Source (Pleast don’t share this post).

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Setting up some solo ads while smoking a cigar and drinking some beer.
Setting up some solo ads while smoking a cigar and drinking some beer.

There are two secrets for getting crazy high opt in rates from solo ads.

1. You have to have a great landing page with an even better exit pop.

2. You have to use a high solo ads provider to buy solo ads from.

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In order to make money online you need to do 3 things:

1. Find an offer that converts traffic in to buyers. I use this one.

2. Find a really high quality source of solo ads that’s super targeted for your offer. I use this one.

3. You need to build a landing page that gets crazy high opt in rates. To do that just follow the instructions in the video at the top of the page.

How To Track Conversions On Clickbank


In this post I’ll be showing you how to track your conversions on the Clickbank affiliate network. It’s pretty simple so the video is pretty short, but I promise you it works very well.


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Here’s a summary:

Basically we’ll be using a data token fro your traffic network to pass the data along to a sub-id i your tracking link, then we’ll be passing that data along to your affiliate link so it’ll be available for analysis in your clickbank back office.

Step 1: create a clean version of your clickbank affiliate link
Step 2: Add [s1] as the tracking info. on your click affiliate link
Step 3: Create a clickmagick tracking link
Step 4: Add the advertising networks token to your clickmagick link as a sub-id
Step 5: Send your traffic to your Clickmagick tracking link with the traffic networks token attached
Step 6: Go in to your clickbank back office and look at the data. Stop buying traffic that isn’t producing sales, start buying more of the traffic that is producing sales.

Note: Here’s a list of common network tokens:

Google AdWords Search Campaigns

{keyword} or {KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{matchtype} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad

Google AdWords Placement/Display Campaigns

{placement} – the site your ad was clicked on
{category} – category of the placement
{creative} – ID of your ad creative

For more information and details on ALL the available Google tokens please click the link below:

Track Clicks with ValueTrack

Bing Tokens

{KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{QueryString} – exact keyword entered by user
{MatchType} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad
{AdID} – AdCenter Ad ID of your ad creative

Facebook Tokens

Facebook doesn’t support any tokens for passing data to your URLs that we’re aware of. With Facebook ads you’ll generally just want to use a unique URL in each of your ads – either a separate tracking link for each, or just one tracking URL with Sub-IDs to identify the ad/source.

AdOn Network Tokens

PARTNERID – ID of the partner that generated the view
${referurl}$ – referring URL of the view

7Search Tokens

###KEYWORD### – keyword that generated the click

Plenty Of Fish Tokens

{gender:default} – gender of the visitor
{state:default} – state of the visitor
{age:default} – age of the visitor

JumpTap Tokens:

JT_OPERATOR – operator name
JT_HANDSET – handset type
JT_PUBLISHER – publisher
JT_SITE – site
JT_KEYWORD – category / keyword


%KEYWORD% – keyword that generated the view

Important: Do NOT turn on “Keyword Pass-Through” with LeadImpact. You must use the %KEYWORD% token.

Direct CPV

($query.keyword) – keyword/target that triggered ad
($query.url) – URL where your ad was triggered
${query.trafficProvider.key} – traffic source