Getting Rich With Bing PPC: Building AND Optimizing Your Campaign




In this post I’ll be showing you not only the basic mechanics of how to set up a Bing PPC Campaign, but I’ll be showing you a super high level strategy that’s only being used by the best marketers to optimize your Bing PPC Campaign so you’ll be making money instead of wasting it.


1. Setting up a Bing PPC campaign – The boring mechanical process of creating a campaign, picking keywords, writing ads etc… Obviously I could spend hours on the subject of writing ads but that’s not the point of this course so I promise I’ll contain myself here.



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2. Optimizing your Bing PPC campaign – This is where the magic happens. There are enough good marketers using Bing PPC that you won’t be able to make a profit without using advanced optimization techniques to make sure you’re not advertising to people who don’t buy.

In this section I’m going to show you how to know with exact certainty what keywords, phrases, exact search terms and even what publishers (content network) to scale up and which ones to stop advertising to all together. This is mission critical. If you don’t do it there’s a good chance you’ll just go broke. Trust me, I tried and gave up on Bing PPC several times before I learned this stuff. Losing a few thousand dollars each time.


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