3 Steps To Becoming Wealthy

What follows is my best advice for becoming wealthy.

1. Make a lot of money

You’re going to have a hard time becoming wealthy making less than $200k per year. It just isn’t possible to become wealthy making less money that that.

If you don’t make very much money at your job, that’s ok, just start a business of some sort and work on it when you’re not at work. I know that’s easier said than done, but it is what it is.

Obviously I think affiliate marketing is a good place to start, but instead of being a lazy marketer relying on traffic arbitrage I recommend building out a website with good content that promotes more than one related offer.

Creating compelling content is a valuable skill now you’re becoming wealthy.

Review sites and ‘how to’ sites work really well. Sign up with an affiliate network and look through their most popular offers asking yourself this question: “How are people using this product/service? What problem does it solve for them?”

http://www.lifestyleaccountability.com/ is a great example of this strategy. They’re one of the biggest Venus Factor affiliates.

You’re goal is to find something that you can become a salesman for by showing people how to use it. Something you can create content for and also buy traffic for.

After you find something like that just create the content and buy the traffic.

The model I follow is this: Create a front end offer that can be profitably advertised. For example, create a how to video or article that solves a problem but requires the visitor to buy an affiliate product as part of solving the problem.

Then, find other related affiliate product, preferably at least one subscription that pays residuals, to promote in a similar way. Ideally, it should be a natural extension from the first offer.

Ie.: Step 1: buy a widget and do whatever with it, step 2: buy a thingamajiggy and do whatever else with it.

2. Save most of it

Becoming wealthy is impossible if you spend every dollar you make. No matter how much money you’re making.

Making money seems hard until you finally figure it out. Once you’ve got a functional scalable business started and growing you’ll find out that it’s much harder to save money than it is to make money.

Your goal should be to live an abundant lifestyle, but don’t be a complete asshole. One sportscar is plenty. You don’t need 3 or 4 of them. If you have a spouse and 2 kids you only need 4 bedrooms in your home. Maybe 5. But definitely not 10.

Even though you’re making a lot of money, you don’t need to eat at a 5 star restaurant every might. Once or twice a week is plenty.

I’m not saying that you should live like a poor person, but don’t be like Vanilla Ice or like most of the people who win the lottery.

Live a good life, but don’t go overboard with it. Make sure you’re saving significant amounts of money, or at least reinvesting it to grow your business, like over half of it.

You can live like that eventually, but not until while you’re becoming wealthy, not until you’re already wealthy.

3. Invest your money intelligently

The number one rule of investing is to never lose money. The second rule is to never forget rule number one.

The best place you can invest your money is in something you control, like your business. Or even in starting a new but similar business.

If you made millions of dollars selling affiliate products with paid traffic then focus on doing more of that.

If you made millions of dollars generating leads for limo companies but you’ve tapped that market out then maybe start a site generating leads for attorneys.

Or create some kind of info product for limo drivers. Whatever you do, stay in a world that you understand.

Don’t invest in things you don’t understand. Don’t invest in real estate unless you understand real estate. Don’t speculate on stock picking or day trading unless you are an expert on the subject.

If for some reason you have to get in to something you don’t understand then at least put some serious energy in to learning about it. Get a job in that industry. Make friends with people who already own businesses in that industry.

I’m sorry…

I’m sure you read this article in hopes of finding something more specific about becoming wealthy than what I’ve written, but the truth is, anybody being much more specific than that is probably trying to sell you something.

It’s probably how they’re becoming wealthy. By selling stuff about becoming wealthy.

I’m just here to help. I have nothing to sell you, Except maybe some marketing tools that you’ll need to buy anyways. At least you’ll need to buy them if you want to run a successful affiliate marketing business.

Here’s one foolproof strategy for making a lot of money as an affiliate marketer: find something that people are already buying and find a way to be the one they buy it from.

As described above, I do this by creating a site full of ‘how to’ articles and videos showing people how to use an affiliate product to solve a problem that seems to have lots of search traffic.

Search terms like ‘how can I lose weight, how to lose weight. weight loss diet, best diet for weight loss, lose weight fast’ etc…

Another piece of advice, look for something that businesses buy, businesses have money, easier to make sales. If you can show them that it’s worth more than it costs then they’ll buy it every time.

Anyways, I hope that helped you. Now go do some work!

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