How To Track Conversions On Clickbank


In this post I’ll be showing you how to track your conversions on the Clickbank affiliate network. It’s pretty simple so the video is pretty short, but I promise you it works very well.


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Here’s a summary:

Basically we’ll be using a data token fro your traffic network to pass the data along to a sub-id i your tracking link, then we’ll be passing that data along to your affiliate link so it’ll be available for analysis in your clickbank back office.

Step 1: create a clean version of your clickbank affiliate link
Step 2: Add [s1] as the tracking info. on your click affiliate link
Step 3: Create a clickmagick tracking link
Step 4: Add the advertising networks token to your clickmagick link as a sub-id
Step 5: Send your traffic to your Clickmagick tracking link with the traffic networks token attached
Step 6: Go in to your clickbank back office and look at the data. Stop buying traffic that isn’t producing sales, start buying more of the traffic that is producing sales.

Note: Here’s a list of common network tokens:

Google AdWords Search Campaigns

{keyword} or {KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{matchtype} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad

Google AdWords Placement/Display Campaigns

{placement} – the site your ad was clicked on
{category} – category of the placement
{creative} – ID of your ad creative

For more information and details on ALL the available Google tokens please click the link below:

Track Clicks with ValueTrack

Bing Tokens

{KeyWord} – keyword that generated the click
{QueryString} – exact keyword entered by user
{MatchType} – e=exact, p=phrase, b=broad
{AdID} – AdCenter Ad ID of your ad creative

Facebook Tokens

Facebook doesn’t support any tokens for passing data to your URLs that we’re aware of. With Facebook ads you’ll generally just want to use a unique URL in each of your ads – either a separate tracking link for each, or just one tracking URL with Sub-IDs to identify the ad/source.

AdOn Network Tokens

PARTNERID – ID of the partner that generated the view
${referurl}$ – referring URL of the view

7Search Tokens

###KEYWORD### – keyword that generated the click

Plenty Of Fish Tokens

{gender:default} – gender of the visitor
{state:default} – state of the visitor
{age:default} – age of the visitor

JumpTap Tokens:

JT_OPERATOR – operator name
JT_HANDSET – handset type
JT_PUBLISHER – publisher
JT_SITE – site
JT_KEYWORD – category / keyword


%KEYWORD% – keyword that generated the view

Important: Do NOT turn on “Keyword Pass-Through” with LeadImpact. You must use the %KEYWORD% token.

Direct CPV

($query.keyword) – keyword/target that triggered ad
($query.url) – URL where your ad was triggered
${query.trafficProvider.key} – traffic source

Are you the customer or the business owner?


In the video above this text I ask a simple question: Are you the customer or the business owner? Most people in the opportunity market are the customer, despite thinking and being constantly told they’re the business owner.

If you’re not sure which category you’re in here’s a great test: Are you making money or spending money? If you’re spending money then you’re the consumer. That covers well over 90% of all the so called ‘business owners’ in the opportunity market.

If you’re excuse is that you just started then consider this: It’s entirely possible to make $10k in your first month and more than that every month afterwards if you’re using the correct strategies.

Most people go on for years and years without making any money at all. It’s pretty sad really. Many of them are slackers who will never achieve any success with anything, but probably just as many of them could succeed and would succeed if they were using the correct strategies.

Do you think you could make a bunch of money in your business if every week you had as many prescheduled sales calls as you wanted? What if the calls were with people who had applied to join your team and you didn’t have to try to convince them and twist their arm,  just answer them questions and tell them to sign up?

It’s entirely possible and when you join my team I’ll teach you how to do it.

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Free Video Reveals: “4 Steps To Building A Massive AND Responsive Email List Full Of People Who Literally Beg You To Take Their Money.”


The first skill you need to master to make money online is called ‘List Building!’. It’s actually pretty simple if you know what you’re doing. Watch the video below for a click by click tutorial, the 4 basic steps are outlined below the video:


Click these links and set up your free trial accounts if you don’t already have Lead Pages, Get Response and Click Magick.


1. Create a lead magnet: a lead magnet is just an ethical bribe that you’re offering your target market in exchange for their contact info. Something that most people don’t tell you is that you should also be starting the process of making your list think you’re cool so they’ll want to buy your stuff.

Generally you want to start with something that’s short and sweet like a downloadable book, a video training/tutorial etc…, and some companies are even using actual physical books .

The overall goal is to get their contact info. and start building a relationship with them, to start the process of making them think you’re cool so they’ll beg you to let them put their money in your pocket.

2. Crate a landing page advertising that lead magnet: This part is super easy. Assuming your lead magnet is something that your target actually wants you just come up with a few simple headlines that advertise your lead magnet.

“Free Video Reveals: 4 Steps to building a massive email list of laser targeted leads who will constantly beg you to put their money in your pocket!”

Honestly, the more ridiculous the better. I know it’s a little gross but it works. If people saw that stuff while they were hanging around other people they would likely ignore or mock it, but when they’re searching around the internet in the middle of the night for a solution to a problem that’s keeping them from sleeping, they won’t be able to click submit fast enough.

3. Send some traffic to your landing page: You can get traffic from a long list of places, my favorite strategy is to buy it from a broker because I’m lazy but with some practice you can get ridiculous ROI’s from Bing PPC, other PPC networks, YouTube ads, POF ads, Facebook Ads, other social media sites/apps, PPV sites and on and on… It’s constantly evolving.

4. Optimize your campaign: I won’t cover it in this tutorial, but to optimize a campaign you have to split test each piece of it. That just means you’ll set up two pages/sales videos/emails etc… to see which one works best.

Passive Residual Income Is A Fantasy!


In most businesses, Passive Residual Income is a fantasy. Especially most home based businesses and network marketing companies. Even property and casualty insurance agents are struggling to build passive residual income these days. The real truth about passive residual income is that there are very few businesses that allow you to build it anymore.


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“As far as normal day to day purchases go, consumers are more price loyal than ever before because they have to be.”

As far as normal day to day purchases go, consumers are more price loyal than ever before because they have to be. Prices for everything continue to go up (thanks to our asshole politicians for printing so much funny money) and average household incomes are not keeping pace. This means people have to settle for less stuff or they have to buy stuff that costs less money. They can either go without or abandon their favorite brand in favor of a lower priced competitor.

There’s not much a business can do about that, except maybe lower the quality of their product, which most of them have done. The problem with lowering quality is that it erodes customer loyalty even further…

“…the overwhelming majority of their income is from new people joining the business, not from ongoing product sales.”

Anyways, in the home based business, direct sales, network marketing or multi level marketing world there never really was such a thing as residual income. Most of the big money earners in the MLM world have admitted that the overwhelming majority of their income is from new people joining the business, not from ongoing product sales.

That means there’s not really any residual income. As soon as those people stop producing their income starts to collapse. Hell, even Dave Wood is pounding the phones to get his own company back to it’s former glory!

We all know why that is though, don’t we? How many times have you bought a product from an MLM company because it was worth it’s price? Probably never. How many products are you currently buying from an MLM company that you are not a distributor for? Probably none.

“Nobody buys the product because they really want it… only so they can get rich.”

Nobody buys the product because they really want it, only because they have to buy it so their downline will buy it, only so they can get rich. Which really doesn’t matter as their downline will quit in a month or 3 anyways… but I digress.

My point is, there are no real customers in network marketing, much less life long customers. If you want to create residual income you have to create lifelong customers and you can’t do that in network marketing. The products are expensive, which is the last thing consumers want right now.

“There is however, one company selling something that appeals to consumers given todays economic circumstances: Dubli gives people cash back for shopping online.”

There is however, one company selling something that appeals to consumers given todays economic circumstances: Dubli gives people cash back for shopping online. Ask yourself this question, if a company is giving someone money, is that person likely to quit using that company’s service? I don’t think so either.

That’s why I and will continue to be focused on building a team AND a massive customer base with Dubli. If you want to find out how you can do the same for yourself just go to this page and opt in to my list for access to a video summary of how the company works and free beta access to a course I created teaching people how to make money through the internet. Depending on when you find this page, I may also be offering free coaching sessions, so click here to check it out now.

A secret to success: Do what you can do now, do it as well as you can.


In this post I want to share something with you that has helped me have success in all areas of my life. Do what you can do now, do it as well as you can.

I’ll start with an example from my life: I spent 6 months learning how to build a Jeff Walker style launch funnel despite having access to one of the few team funnels that actually works really well. In case you don’t know, my main business is Dubli and Dubli Network, I’m on the Wukar and Awol teams. Awol has a great funnel that makes sales AND generated highly responsive phone leads.

Rather than sending traffic to their funnel and working the leads that come out the other end I spent 6 months screwing around with building and optimizing my own funnel. Had I been using theirs while optimizing mine I would probably be making twice as much money by now.

Here’s another example: I was pretty fat for a while, like 250#s. I’m 5’7”. When I was working in the North Dakota Oilfields I had a hard time getting to the gym so instead of getting in to the gym once or twice a week and maybe exercising a little in the shack (the trailer I stayed in while I was working) I just didn’t do anything at all.

I kept waiting until I would be put on to a rig that was closer to town so I could get to the gym 3x a week every week like I wanted to. Had I just done some jogging and body weight exercises I would have lost the weight in 3 months instead of a year.

The president of a very high level digital marketing agency recently told me that if in 6 months I didn’t look back at my first funnel and think: “dam, that’s ugly!” then I spent way to much time on it.

The point is, even if you’re not an expert, just start doing something, anything at all! Just get in to motion!

If you are a marketer of some sort, MLM, Affiliate marketer or whatever and you don’t know what to do right now to start getting paid I want to make suggestion to you:

1. Generate leads – set up a landing page advertising a lead magnet

2. Warm them up – send them a few pieces of content that will make them think you’re cool so they’ll want to buy your stuff

3. Sell them something – if you’ve done 1 and 2 correctly, selling is the easy part. Really you should have positioned yourself as an expert who is allowing them to buy rather than some salesman who is begging for a sale.

If none of that makes any sense to you, click here to get Free Beta Access to a course I created called “My #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online AND Exactly How To Use It For Yourself!”

It should take you less than a week to get through the course and at the end you should be able to start making money online, weather it’s an MLM, affiliate program, CPA offer or whatever…

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What’s Free Beta Access mean?

I’ll eventually turn the course in to an affiliate product and charge a few thousand dollars for it, but first I need some feedback and lots of testimonials, which is where the beta group comes in.

I’m giving you Free Beta Access to the course but I expect your feedback and a testimonial after you’ve started using it. Obviously I have no way of enforcing this, but I think most people are generally honest so I’m not worried about it.

Getting Rich With Bing PPC: Building AND Optimizing Your Campaign




In this post I’ll be showing you not only the basic mechanics of how to set up a Bing PPC Campaign, but I’ll be showing you a super high level strategy that’s only being used by the best marketers to optimize your Bing PPC Campaign so you’ll be making money instead of wasting it.


1. Setting up a Bing PPC campaign – The boring mechanical process of creating a campaign, picking keywords, writing ads etc… Obviously I could spend hours on the subject of writing ads but that’s not the point of this course so I promise I’ll contain myself here.



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2. Optimizing your Bing PPC campaign – This is where the magic happens. There are enough good marketers using Bing PPC that you won’t be able to make a profit without using advanced optimization techniques to make sure you’re not advertising to people who don’t buy.

In this section I’m going to show you how to know with exact certainty what keywords, phrases, exact search terms and even what publishers (content network) to scale up and which ones to stop advertising to all together. This is mission critical. If you don’t do it there’s a good chance you’ll just go broke. Trust me, I tried and gave up on Bing PPC several times before I learned this stuff. Losing a few thousand dollars each time.


I hope you enjoyed that tutorial. If you’d like to learn more join my list by clicking here and filling out the box that pops up. The first thing you’ll receive as a member of my list is Free Beta Access to a course I created called “My #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online AND Exactly How To Use It For Yourself!” and after that you’ll receive links to new content as it’s published.