Take The Shortut To Success By Using Other Peoples Experience


One of the things that allowed me to finally start having success online was making the decision to study other successful people and model their strategies. Obviously, I never ripped anyone off directly, I always created my own content etc… but studying their methods probably saved me 5 more years of pain and suffering.

Specifically, I made a list of marketers to study. I didn’t buy their stuff and study that, rather I found their landing pages and I studied their sales funnels. I took screenshots, recorded videos, saved URLs and even set up an email account to collect and store their follow up messages.

I already knew what they were saying, I needed to find out what they were actually doing. Once I completed my study I was able to start using their secrets for myself and that’s when I finally started having success online.

If success as an internet marketer has eluded you like it did me for so long, I would suggest you do the same thing. Start to study and model successful marketers.

I’m all for being independent and figuring things out for yourself, but it’s just good business to model successful strategies.

In all my studies I learned one thing that was more important than everything else, in fact it has proven to be so effective that now I call it my #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online.

I even created a course revealing what it is and how to use it for yourself. You can get free access to the course by clicking here now.

Eventually I’ll turn it in to an affiliate product and it’ll only be available to my sales team for free and everyone else will have to pay a few hundred bucks for it. Honestly I haven’t decided on a price, I’ll be testing out different price points to maximize revenue but I think I’ve made my point: get free access to the course while you still can.