If Curiosity Killed the Cat, then Distractions Killed The Dream!


I’ve often been accused of being kind of an asshole. Frankly, sometimes it’s true. But usually I’m only being an asshole when someone is distracting me from doing something that’s important to me… Like studying something valuable or working on my business.

You should be too. You should fiercely protect your time, your focus. It’s so easy to be distracted in the time that we live in, there are so many distractions!

Well over 90% of everyone trying to make money online, make money from home, build a  side business etc… will never make a penny, and I’m willing to speculate that most of that failure rate has to do with not being focused on getting things done.

Positive thinking is great, positive associations are even better, but at some point some things have to get done. Set up a landing page, link it to an auto responder, create a lead magnet, create a delivery page etc… simple stuff. Point and click simple really. But it takes time to do.

Most people can’t focus on one thing (except maybe television or internet porn) long enough to get it done. Much less a list of a dozen things. Which is about all it takes to build an internet business.

Here’s a simple trick: write down a short list of stuff that you need to get done and ignore everything else until it’s done. Even if it would be more convenient to handle the distractions first, even if handling the distractions later will cause some kind of problem for you.

Your loved ones can be the biggest distractions in your life, especially if you work from home like I do. My girlfriend is awesome, shes super clean, neat, organized, always making sure all the ‘stuff’ gets done. However, she has a way of bothering me with questions about all the ‘stuff’ while I’m working on my business or ‘playing on your computer’ as she jokingly calls it.

She tends to become frustrated with me because I usually ignore her or tell her to leave me alone until I’m done with my short list. Naturally she doesn’t like being told to leave me alone, and sometimes it even hurts her feelings.

I don’t care. I have my own ‘stuff’ to get done, and if I don’t get it done, my business will suffer. Or some other goal will.

Whatever I’m working on is more important than whatever ‘stuff’ she’s working on, and generally she’ll figure it out on her own if I ignore her long enough.

“Where do you want me to put the ___?”, “Should I throw this away?” I really genuinely don’t care. It doesn’t affect my health, business, or free time. Throw it all away if that means you will stop bothering me with it while I’m trying to get some work done. If I get this work done I can buy new ones and then some!

That might seem kind of harsh, but that’s how things get done. By doing them. Ignore the distractions in your life until you’ve taken care of what’s important to you, building your business.

Here’s another example. One the way to the gym ‘can we go to the grocery store real quick and grab ___?’ Sure we can babe, after we work out. ‘But it’s on the way bla bla bla’ That’s fine, we need to work out more than we need to pick up ___, we’ll do it after we’re done working out.

In all honestly, it only takes about 10 hours to get your business started, to build your very first Rich Marketers Sales Funnel. In this course, I share my #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online AND How To Use it.

Sidenote: if 10 hours of work seems like a long time to you you’re a loser and you need to start punching your inner hippie. I’m not trying to hurt your feelings, I’m trying to help you. Consider that you’ll probably work 2000+ hours over the next 12 months, and most likely none of it will help you get ahead financially. You won’t be working toward any time leverage where you income can grow without your time commitment growing.

If you can ignore the distractions long enough to follow along with my course you can build your internet business and finally start living the laptop lifestyle.

Click here to get beta access to the course. As of the writing of this post it’s still completely free. Once I’ve gotten enough testimonials and tied up my other projects I’ll be charging a few hundred bucks for full access so don’t miss your chance to get it for free.

It took me $30,000+ and almost 4 years to figure this stuff out. The purpose of creating the course is to help people skip the pain and suffering I went through learning that stuff so they can just start using it for themselves.

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How I Discovered My #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online… What It Is And How You Can Use It For Yourself.


My name is Joseph Wilson, but you can call me Joey. I’ve been an internet marketer, or someone who makes money by selling stuff through the internet, for about 5 years now. Currently, I live a pretty good life, here’s a picture my girlfriend took of me “working”:

The life of an internet marketer, smoking a cigar, drinking beer and "working" at the same time.
The life of an internet marketer, smoking a cigar, drinking beer and “working” at the same time.


It wasn’t always like that though. For about the first three and a half years I struggled, literally wasting all the time and money I spent ‘building my business’. All together it took me wasting about 3 years and thirty thousand dollars to finally figure out the secret for making money online.

About three years in to it I was invited to join a secret Facebook group along with about a dozen other marketers by a very successful (multiple 6 figure earner at the time, currently a multiple seven figure earner) internet marketing friend of mine. We were all promoting the same product and using the same traffic.

I was so excited to get that invitation I remember thinking to myself:

“Finally! The insiders traffic source AND a new offer that’s converting like crazy, I’m finally going to start making huge piles of money online so I can quit my stupid oilfield job and work from home instead of in the frozen tundra that is North Dakota!”

I even told my girlfriend and my best friend about it.

So about 6 months go by and I was still broke despite the insiders traffic source and a great offer. I can’t tell you how mad I was, frankly I was pissed. I felt like the whole thing must be some kind of elaborate scam, like I must have been lied to. Incredible disappointment like that can cause some pretty pathetic thoughts to pass through a persons head…

In fact , I was so disappointed I gave up. I quit everything. I canceled my affiliate accounts, deleted my email lists, and went on a bender. I spent a few weeks drinking heavily and feeling sorry for myself. It wasn’t pretty. Just ask my girlfriend…

Eventually I came back to reality and started thinking of a solution. Luckily I hadn’t been booted from that Facebook group and most of the other members were still making a killing so I decided to spy on them.

I decided to figure out exactly what they were doing differently, not so I could copy them exactly, but so I could learn from them and model their strategies.

I bought ten of those long yellow legal pads and set up an email account. Luckily I forgot to delete my blog and cancel the hosting so I could still set up a special email account on this domain to collect all of their follow up emails.

I opted in to each of their sales funnels and started studying them closely. I filled out all of my 10 original legal pads and had to get some of those black and white composition notebooks because the legal pads were kind of falling apart…

…but I continued studying until I learned their secrets. All together I’ve got thousands of pages of notes, hundreds of screenshots, and around 2300 follow up emails to pull from.

They all do things a little differently, but there is one thing that they all do. Literally every one of them was doing this one single thing, and it’s now what I call my #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online because when I started using that secret for myself things turned around completely.

And I believe that literally anyone else can use it to build their own insanely profitable internet business.

I wasn’t exactly an overnight success, I still had to lose a little more time and money perfecting it, but that one secret changed everything for me.

I didn’t know it at the time but I was so close! I literally only had to start doing one thing differently, and once I did, I was finally able to start building a lucrative internet business. Once the business is built it’s just a matter of scaling it up by reinvesting the revenues until it’s making enough money to live off of while it continues to grow itself.

After using it to build up multiple streams of income for myself, I created a course explaining what it is and how anyone can use it to build their own lucrative internet business and start making money online.

My internet business feeds my MLM business and you don’t have to use it for that, you can make a ton of money with an internet business that just sells affiliate products, but you won’t be getting any leverage because you won’t be building a team to send you override income. Plus you’ll probably get lonely.

It’s insanely profitable either way, but it’s more fun to be working with a team and seeing other people succeed as well.

I created a course showing my team how to use the secret mainly to help train my team members so they’ll make more sales, have more success, and ultimately send me more overrides, but I’ve had a ton people from other companies, other teams, and random strangers asking me for access to it.

At first I was just sending out the links but that’s started to take up a lot of my time and I don’t want to be a jerk by keeping it to myself so I’m going to turn that course in to an affiliate product that I will sell for a few hundred bucks.

Before I can sell it I have to get a solid book of testimonials to use as proof that it works, so for now, to get full access to the course where I share My #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money Online, all you have to do is join my email list.

I’ll email you a link to the first video where I share My #1 Most Profitable Secret For Making Money online, and when you confirm your subscription you’ll start getting a new link to a new module of the course every day for 4 days.

At the end of the couse, if you’ve been following my instructions, you will have built your very own internet business, and you should be well on your way to making huge piles of money online. Put your info in to the form below and click the blue and red button to get access to my course which includes everything you need to change your life forever.