Imagine Getting Paid Every Time One Of Your Friends Buys Something Online.


Soooo….. I’ve always thought that the home based business world would benefit tremendously if someone would use the typical home based business compensation model but with a consumer oriented product rather than just for selling business opportunities.

Almost all of them sell the business, which is just selling the business, and oh by the way it comes with this magical bottle of juice or ebook or whatever.

Really though, nobody wanted the magical bottle of juice in the first place, they just to earn commissions selling the magical bottle of juice, so as soon as they figure out they’re gonna have to learn some things and do some work before they can start making money they stop buying the product and you stop getting commissions.

That’s why there really is no such thing as residual commissions, all the money is from new people joining, because most people don’t buy the products for very long.

Anyways, I finally found a consumer oriented home based business and I won’t be sharing what it is with you right now, I’m going to be buying a license to sell their service and testing it out for myself over the next couple weeks.

If you’re interested in something like that, a home based business where you can actually get paid for selling a product to a consumer, one that’s likely to continue buying the product week in and week out for a long time and even maybe for the rest of their lives…

…then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for my next email as I’ll be keeping you updated with my evaluation of this business opportunity. Remember, the business is consumer oriented, which means I get paid for selling stuff to consumers, and I don’t care if you decide to  build this one with me or not.

You could be putting your marketing effort in to getting life long customers who are actually benefiting from the product they’re buying, so they’ll keep buying it, for ever.

Rather than ‘selling the dream’ to 100 people knowing that maybe 1 of them will ever actually benefit from what they’ve bought, you can sell something that actually helps everyone who buys it so much they’ll keep buying it forever.

Anyways, make sure you’re on This List so you’ll get updates from me about my progress with this new consumer oriented home based business.