There’s no shortage of opportunity.


I was recently talking with an old friend who just passed his Florida BAR exam, and he was complaining to me that there’s just no opportunity to make any REAL money ‘out there’ right now. While I’m inclined to agree with him that there’s no real opportunity FOR HIM to make any REAL money ‘out there’ right now, that’s simply not true for people who are focused on solving problems for other people.

Everyone has problems of some sort. Everyone. Even the richest healthiest people in the world stub their toe once in a while. Or get an unexpected bill, or get sued, or get their hand dirty while trying to scoop protein powder out of the bottom of a mostly empty protein bucket.

I bet you’re wondering how the last sentence of that paragraph has anything to do with opportunity. Read on and you’ll find out.

I have a friend who was born in to an entrepreneurial family. Both of her parents have always owned some sort of business since she was a kid. SO have her aunts, uncles, and cousins. She’s ventured out on here own a few times and just hasn’t found ‘her thing’ yet.

Her and I were talking and I told her to start paying attention to things that piss her off through out the day. Aything from a minor inconvenience to a huge pain in the ass. After a few days she called me and said that she has her first million dollar idea. It came to her while she was attempting to scoop out the last bit of protein from the mostly empty protein jug and not only was she having a hard time getting it out but her hand was getting covered in protein powder.

This is a problem for her because she’s pretty thrifty and she’s very neat, clean, and organized. I don’t know if you’ve ever gotten it on your hands, but protein powder can be pretty sticky. It usually takes quite a bit of rinsing under warm or hot water to get it off of your skin.

After doing this for a few days in a row it occurred to her that a simple long handled scoop would solve the problem so she started looking for one. After a few minutes of searching around on the internet she realized she had found an ‘unmet need’. Surely, she’s not the only person facing this daily irritation.

Long story short, a few months later she’s got a great product and is in talks with several different manufacturing, licensing, and fitness gadget companiesĀ  to start selling her product and serving this ‘unmet need’.

She stands to make at least hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions over the life of the product.

I would encourage you to go through the same exercise. Every time something pisses you off over the next few days, write it down, no matter how ridiculous it is. The key though is to be honest. Even it it’s embarrassing. You’re looking for some sort of shared pain, some ‘unmet need’.

Personally, I like to focus on the ‘I need to make some extra money outside my job’ market because almost everyone is in this group at some point and there are already tons of different affiliate products available. You don’t even have to create your own product. Some of these products can be sold without paying any upfront affiliate fees. All you have to do is create a persuasive sales funnel and start sending some traffic.

In this free guide I’ll allow you to follow along with me as I create a profitable sales funnel for a product that I sell to the ‘I need to make some extra money outside my job’ market. Just click here to get access to the first part of the guide and get on my list to access the rest of it.




15 Irresistable Messages That Prospects Can’t Resist.


In this post I’m going to summarize the second video in Dan Kennedy’s new product launch sequence so read this all the way through and you might learn something that can put money in your pocket.

When crafting a sales message the structure should be the same as if you were selling to someone in person. It’s the same process, just being communicated through some media like radio, tv, webpage, sales letter etc… This is why most of the best copy writers had previously been an in person sales job and they were good at it. The best of the best were hard core door to door sales guys. They know what people are thinking because they have sat there with them learning about it directly.

One thing I notice is that Dan is not shy about the word ‘manipulate’. He’s always like this, even in person he talks about it openly, that selling is manipulating.

Overcoming prior negative experiences.

Most people you’re selling to have some previous experience with the product that you’re selling, and they’ve generally been disappointed. For example, with a weight loss product, most of the customers have already bought other weight loss products and failed but rather than accepting personal responsibility they tend to blame the product but not just individual products but all the products in the category.

Read that again, it’s important. It’s important because one of your tasks is to get people to suspend their prior experience and believe that this time it’ll be different, that this product is profoundly different. The negative expectations are automatically associated with whatever you’re selling and your job is to overcome that association.

Not only do you have to show how awesomely your product will solve their problem, you have to show how it’s going to work despite that all the other haven’t because it’s different.

Overcoming that people are habitual procrastinators.

Create or expose a crisis and then share your product as the opportunity to solve or avoid the opportunity. Start off by scaring the shit out of people, but make sure you finish with a brightness of future, make it better, solve it for them.

Peoples problems tend to get worse slowly so you’ve got to find out the ultimate fear for that person and connect it to the problem that your product solves. Dan uses the example of an old person who is told that they need a hearing aid because if they are hard of hearing they might be perceived to be mentally addled and stuck in to a nursing home, denied their freedom, dignity etc… So the obvious benefit of a hearing aid is that they’ll be able to hear better, but that’s not very urgent, their hearing has been degrading slowly over years and they’ve slowly adjusted over the years so it’s not perceived as a major threat, but their deepest fear is being stuck in a nursing home and that is a crisis so connecting it to their hearing problem makes them want it now, right now, yesterday even.

That’s it for this video and for this post. He only shared 2 of the ’15 Irresistable Messages That Prospects Can’t Resist’, but at this point I’m going to assume that a pitch is coming soon. ‘buy this now for the other 13’ etc… I’m watching the third video right now so I’ll let you know in theĀ  next post.




What Fishing Taught Me About Marketing.


In this post I’m going to teach you what fishing taught me about marketing. They have a lot more in common than you would think so read this whole post and I’m sure it’ll help you make more money in your marketing business, or any business that has customers (all of them).

I live in Arizona and fishing is tough here, there aren’t any natural lakes, just man made reservoirs and most of the rivers dry up for part of the year. Anyways, there are 4 major lessons that I learned about marketing while I was fishing.

1. Use the right bait. When you’re fishing for carp, you don’t want to use a piece of chicken liver. Why not? Because carp don’t eat chicken liver. When you’re marketing to people who want to lose weight, you should offer a free report on something weight loss related like ‘5 foods you must not eat if you want to lose weight’, you won’t get a very good response if you offer a report called ‘how to train your dog in 5 minutes a day’.

2. Put your bait where the fish are. If you wanted to catch a Snook you should chuck your bait or lure right up close to the Mangroves or during certain times of the year you might have luck fishing the surf, but you definitely will not catch a Snook by fishing an offshore reef. If you want to sell an internet marketing business opportunity, you might consider running a banner ad on a business opportunity website, you probably won’t get much of a response on a website about kittens.

3. Set the hook. Once you’ve figured out the right bait, and put it where the fish are, you’re going to get a tug which means the fish is chewing on your bait and it’s time to set the hook! You’ve gotta jerk on that pole hard enough to put the hook through the fish’s lip before he spits the lure or bait out. When you’re marketing, once you’ve put your ad infront of the right person, and one of them has clicked on it or typed on your website, called your 1-800 number, or walked in to your store it’s time to start your sales process. Online it might be a sales pitch cleverly disguised as a free training or free report, if you’re going telemarketing you might have some sales reps using a highly persuasive script or in you have a store you might have some sales reps trained to give a highly persuasive sales presentation. You won’t have much luck if you don’t have any sales presentation at all. In fact, you’re probably going to go broke running ads and not making any sales.

4. Do a lot of fishing. Some days the fish just aren’t biting, or you just can’t find them, but you never know until you get out there so if you want to catch a lot of fish, you’ve gotta go lots of fishing. With marketing, over the long term you will have consistent results, but on an advertisement by advertisement basis you never know what’s going to happen so if you want to make lots of sales, you’ve gotta do lots of marketing. Obviously you always want to be optimizing your marketing and selling process, but you’ve gotta keep consistently marketing and selling so you can keep optimizing. I quit fishing for a few years because I was busy and broke, can you guess how many fish I caught when I wasn’t fishing? Roughly the same amount of sales I would make if I quit marketing and selling. (In case you didn’t get that, the answer is 0)

Define your market, figure out what they want, craft a persuasive sales process for them, run an advertisement that they’re likely to see and respond to, and them pitch them! If it doesn’t work, change something, just one thing, and try it again. If you got better results keep it, if you got worse results change it back, if you saw no change then try adjusting something else.

Anyways, I’m gonna go do some fishing while my computer and the internet do my marketing for me.


Dan Kennedy Is The Man.


In this post I’m going to blather on about how incredibly skilled Dan Kennedy is at influencing and persuading people to buy stuff and why you should learn to do the same thing.

Everyone is different, but they’re all the same enough that they can all be persuaded and influenced using the same psychological triggers. Dan Kennedy is launching a new product and I’m going through his sales sequence for it right now. In the sales sequence he shares some really powerful secrets about selling.

The first video is called ‘7 secrets of creating mind control copy’, and here are the secrets he shared:

Note: this is a no wussy zone. Some of this may make you uncomfortable, but this stuff works.

1. shame – everyone is ashamed of something, their car, their house, their body, whatever, and they don’t want to be anymore. The key though is that in your sales messages you’ve got to tell stories or even directly call them out on it. ‘how long have you been working and you’re still broke?’, ‘how old are you and you still live paycheck to paycheck’ etc… this is powerful stuff. It’s not particuarly nice to make someone feel that way but it will motivate them to buy your stuff if you position your product as the solution to fixing the shame.

2. pain – practical pain like not being able to pay the rent on time or buy new tires even though you know that you need new ones and more specific emotional even irrational pain like your wife calling you out for being a broke doctor when her brother in law is a wealthy plumber and you can’t chip in to put mom in a home while he can pay for the whole thing with no problem. Tell a personal story about pain that you felt to make them think about their own pain, or ask them questions about their pain to make them think about it.

3. Anger/rage/resentment – this one is about finding your prospects enemy and making it a common enemy, aligning your sales message with them against their enemy. He uses the political angle as an example, how much people hate Harry Reid for screwing that rancher, or how much liberals hate the NRA for killing children with automatic assault rifles etc… agreeing with them and positioning your product as leading to their enemies demise will surely make them want to buy your stuff.

4. mysticism – here he talks about how even very savvy people can be sucked in to making very stupid investments with a pitch like:

‘this works so well because it’s a magical secret that I don’t share with the public, we do this stuff all on the top secret not open to regular employees on the 23rd floor’. It’s so great I can’t tell you what it is, just give me your money and I’ll give you the biggest returns that normal investment companies can’t get you because they aren’t doing what we’re doing, they don’t even know how’

it sounds like bullshit, but people fall for it anyways. they get sucked in because they want to belive in mysticism, conspiracy etc… fat people want to believe that there’s addictive chemicals in the processed macaroni product they can’t stop eating, or they’re fat because of their genetics etc… obviously all of that is scientifically just not true, but people want to believe it anyways, they want to believe in mysticism and magic so tell them a story that allows them to avoid accepting responsibility through some mysticism or why your product works with some mysticism.

5. revenge – this is about proving people wrong. Dan uses the example of Donald Trump putting his name in huge letters on all of his buildings to prove to the old money real estate investors that really never accepted him that he’s just as good as they are, or a network marketer who upon becoming wealthy enough to go on the vacation of a lifetime throws a party and invites all the people who never showed up to his in home business opportunity meetings and then flips them off as he’s leaving to go on the trip.

6. insecurity – this is about appealing to peoples inner most insecurities. Dan uses the example of Dale Carnegies book ‘how to win friends and influence people’ as a title that appeals to people who cant win respect of people in the work place, make friends, get people to listen to their ideas etc… the book is clearly positioned as a solution to the insecurity of a person with poor social skills.

7. greed and sloth – this one is about the fact that most people want more, and that most people are lazy. they want to get something for free. they know better, that nothing is ever really free, but they want to believe that it can be. Also, saying in your message that something is easy, convenient etc… is powerful because people don’t want to do things that are complicated. They want things to be done for them, handed to them. Even rich people are like this, though they usually got rich by working hard, they still want more without working more if they can get it that way.

This is an ugly summary of his powerful selling techniques, but this stuff really is incredibly powerful. One of the things you have to come to terms with is that every act is either an act of manipulation. You’re either successfully manipulating someone, unsuccessfully attempting to manipulate someone, or giving in to someone elses manipulation. Manipulation is not a bad thing, it’s a fact of life. Everything you’ve ever done in your life is a result of it. You just have to choose which side of the cash register you want to be on. If you want to make money you’ve got to learn to successfully manipulate people, you’ve got to learn to be selling instead of always buying.




The Most Important Marketing Secret Ever.


In this article I’m going to teach you the most important marketing secret ever. The one thing you can do to make more money than you ever imagined. The one thing that will make more difference than anything else to you income. The one thing that will put more money in your pocket than anything else.

Listen closely, here it is: you have to enter the conversation that’s already going on in your prospects mind.

You have to know what your prospect is thinking. What they’re really thinking. Not what they put down in your survey, or what they put on your facebook page, but what they’re really thinking. The sad cold hard truth is that in this industry, most people want to make a million bucks by tomorrow without learning anything or doing any work.

Read that again. Seriously, read it again. Most people who will buy your stuff will only do it when they start to believe that they’ll be able to make a million bucks by tomorrow without learning anything or doing any work. They want a turn key, plug and play system that they can use to make huge piles of money without learning anything or doing any work.

The good news is that with the power of the internet you can actually deliver that to them. You can let someone use your funnel. your traffic, and your follow up sequences to make sales, to receive commissions. Obviously they’ll make a lot more money a lot faster if they create their own funnels, find their own traffic, and write their own email sequences, but thanks to the internet they don’t need to.

In this guide, I’ve written down instructions and recorded click by click videos showing people exactly how to set up a profitable sales funnel and if they decide to sell the same products that I’m selling I even go as far as to share my traffic sources and follow up emails. It’s kind of a no brainer. Click here to get access to the guide: how to live the internet lifestyle.