Step 5: sending them to your sales page.


In this post I’m going to show you how to set up your follow up emails that will guide people through your sales funnel and where else you should put your sales page link. You have to be careful here. You don’t want to send them to the sales page to early. You have to make sure they’re warmed up first. You have to make them want it first. It’s called building value. The whole time they’re going through your lead magnet, they should be made to want something very badly, so badly that as soon as they see it they’ll just buy it.

They have to believe that the product you’re selling will solve the same problem or a closely related problem to the one your lead magnet solved.

In this funnel, the main problem is that most internet marketers and most MLMers are not making any money because they don’t know how and their company pays crap commissions.

The lead magnet, the guide you’ve been going through, solves the problem by training you on how to create an effective sales funnel on the internet and introducing you to a company that pays incredible commissions.  In fact, I’d say that for the people who actually make it this far and follow instructions, it will be pretty not to make money.

Follow along in this video as I show you how to set up your follow up emails and where else and how else to place links to your sales page.

That’s it! Your funnel is complete. At this point it’s pretty obvious that I’m using this guide to train you and to make you want to join my ILN team. Even if you decide not to join my ILN team, and not to sell the ILN products, I hope you’ll use this guide to make yourself a buttload of money, or atleast enough to quit your job and take your first dream vacation.

==>Click here to start selling the ILN products.

Watch this video if you have trouble getting started, in this video I’ll show you exactly how to sign up with ILN.

I’m selling the ILN products because they’re the best products I’ve been able to find on the subject of using the internet to make money online, or using the internet to grow your MLM business. It was founded by a guy who has made somewhere around $20,000,000 in the MLM world. There are lots of people who buy the products with no intention of selling them, they’re just that good. This is a lot different from most MLM products, where people are only buying the product to be able to sell the product. ILN has the best products, and if you follow this guide, you’ll have one of the best strategies for selling them.

If you join my ILN team, I’ll show you exactly how and where I get traffic. There are two main strategies. One of them is taught in the ILN back office, it’s a free way to make money by selling ILN products through Facebook, which is free but takes a lot of time. The other strategy is to buy traffic and send it to the funnel you just sent up. When you join my team I’ll show you exactly where and how I buy it.

==>Click here to get start selling ILN, and get access to my secret ‘done for you’ traffic source.

Step 4: setting up your delivery page.


In this post, I’m going to show you how to set up your delivery page. If you’re selling the same products that I’m selling, you can use the same lead magnet that I’m using, or at least one that’s similar. If you decide not to sell the same products that I’m selling, you’re going to have to exercise your creative muscles and come up with your own lead magnet.

This part is pretty easy if you’re selling the same products that I’m selling, but I’ll do this video in a way that will be useful to people who decide not to sell the same products that I’m selling. Follow along in this video as I show you how to set up your delivery page. I use a training series, but you can use something simpler if you want to. Maybe a single video training, or a .pdf download. The lead magnet I’m using is a little more elaborate, it’s a series of blog posts, it might even be the very guide you’re going through right now! Follow along in this video as I show you how to set up your delivery page.

Sidenote: this is a very important and profitable principal called selling without selling. I haven’t said much at all about the ILN products. I haven’t directly tried to sell them to you at all. Rather, I’ve indirectly given you a very compelling reason to join: so you can sell the same products that I’m selling. This guide can be used by anyone to set up a sales funnel to sell anything, but it’s been designed to work very well with the ILN products. In fact, compared to how easy it would be to apply this to selling the ILN products,  it would be a big pain in the ass to use this guide to sell something else.

Now that you’ve got your delivery page set up, it’s time to send them to the companies default sales page, or design your own sales page if you didn’t decide to sell the same products that I’m selling. Click here to move on to Step 5: sending them to your sales page.

Step 3: setting up your thank you page.


In this page I’m going to show you how to set up a thank you page. It’s really pretty simple, you could even copy mine if you really wanted to be lazy. I only ask that you rewrite it so the search engines don’t penalize us for duplicate content.

First, you’re going to record a video and upload it to youtube or vimeo. Follow along in this video as I record and upload a video to youtube. If you decide to use vimeo you’re on your own.

Second, you’re going to embed that video in to a blog post, and add some text. You probably already saw my thank you page. The point is to introduce yourself and build up the value of the lead magnet before you send them to it. Follow along in this video as I show you have to make a blog post with an embedded video.

That was simpler than the landing page ha? The rest is even easier. Just follow along, you’re almost there! Now that you’ve set up your thank you page, you’re ready for Step 4: setting up your delivery page.




Step 2: Building a landing page


In this post, I’m going to show you exactly how you can build landing pages. I’ve found the least expensive landing page software on the market, and the good thing is that it creates awesome landing pages that convert like crazy so follow along and you’ll know the secrets of building a big list.

The first thing you’re going to do is set up a wordpress blog, then you’ll purchase and install a plugin, set up an auto responder, and finally you’ll create your landing page. The cool thing is that you’ll be building part of your long term strategy here by setting up your blog. Don’t worry, its kind of a long process but its simple and I broke it up for you in to small steps.

First things first, you’ll need to pick a domain. My domain is 10kwithjoey, you can feel free to steal that idea and just insert your name, pick something creative, or even just use your name. It’s not as important as you would think, as long as you don’t pick something completely unrelated. As an example, or would be good, but would be bad. Follow along in the video as I register a domain with godaddy.

Second, you need to set up your hosting account. It’s the company that will save your website on their servers so the rest of the world can access it. You could set up your own server at home, but it costs thousands of dollars and takes a lot of specialized knowledge. Instead, you’re essentially renting space on someone elses server, and at a very modest price. Follow along in this video as I show you exactly how to get yourself a hosting account.

Third, you need to install wordpress. This sounds complicated, but if you followed along in the videos so far, it’ll be very very simple. Literally it just takes a few clicks of your mouse. Follow along in this video as I show you how to install wordpress on your website.

Fourth, you need to purchase a plugin called ‘Epic Squeeze Pro’, and then install and active it on your wordpress blog. Follow along in this video as I show you exactly how to purchase, install, and activate Epic Squeeze Pro.

Fifth, I know this is getting to be a bit drawn out, but this is the hardest part so hang in there. You’re almost done. In this step, you’ve going to purchase access to the Pure Leverage auto responder by clicking here. In this step I’m also going to show you how to set up a campaign, and a form, so you can finally go build your landing page. Follow along in this video as I show you exactly how to purchase a pure leverage account, set up a campaign, and set up a form to use in your landing page.

Sixth and finally, the last step is to log in to your wordpress site and use Epic Squeeze Pro to set up a landing page that will be linked to your auto responder. Follow along in this video as I show you how to set up your first landing page. It’s really simple, just point and click, no html, php, js, css, or ftp. Just point and click.

That’s it! Now that you have a landing page, you are ready to click here for Step 3: setting up your thank you page.



How To Live The Internet Lifestyle, Step 1: How to design a profitable sales funnel.


This is the first step of the guide you were promised on my landing page: How To Live The Internet Lifestyle.

There are really only two things you need to know to make money online:

1. How to get traffic – this is easy. very easy. I’ll save this part for last.

2. How to build a profitable sales funnel – this is hard, but lucky for you, this guide will show you exactly how to build a profitable sales funnel.

In this guide, I’m going to use one of my personal funnels as an example, so you’ll see what products I’m using this funnel to sell, but feel free to customize it to fit whatever you’re already selling. It’ll be easier for you to make money with this guide if you decide to sell the same products I’m selling, but it’ll work for you either way.

Before we begin this process, I want you to allow yourself to imagine making sales every day on autopilot, imagine opening your email and having a long list of emails telling you that you have been earning commissions on autopilot since the last time you checked your email account. Imagine how it’s going to feel when you tell your friend or your spouse that you finally made some money online.

If it’s your first time, imagine the look on everyone’s faces when you earn your first commissions from your internet business. Aren’t there a few people who have ridiculed you in the past? Who didn’t believe in you? Imagine shoving it in their faces. Proving them wrong.

Now, the exciting part, allow yourself to imagine logging in to your bank account and seeing that you made $500 a day every day for the last week. Money deposited to your bank account. What will that feel like? How will that affect your life? Will you reinvest all of it or will you buy yourself or spouse a gift? Will you save some to pay taxes? Go on vacation? Put it in to your kids college fund?

That part is important, the more you imagine these results the more likely you are to actually go through this whole guide and start marketing, start earning commissions. Train your brain to focus on what you want to, experience it in your imagination ahead of time, over and over again, to increase your chances of experiencing it in real life.

Your sales funnel is the difference between your success and failure online. Don’t let anyone tell you anything different. To really have success online, you’ve got to be able to turn an advertisement in to a commission payment, and you simply won’t be able to do that with a bad funnel.

The main difference between this funnel, and the average broke marketers funnel, is that you’ll be developing a relationship with your prospects and helping them out by giving them some cool stuff for free before pitching them.

Allow yourself to imagine having a magical money multiplying machine that any time you want to increase your income, you put in a few dollars, and get twice as many (or more!) back out.

Your sales funnel is going to be your magical money multiplying machine. Once it’s set up properly, you just do some advertising to get traffic to your funnel (or buy traffic from my personal super secret ‘done for you’ traffic source), and commissions come back out the other side. With the products that I sell, you’ll be slowly building up a bunch of small residual commission payments, you’ll be getting large lump sum commission payments, once in a while a customer will decide to become an affiliate which means that in exchange for finding another affiliate the company will pay you a small over ride commission whenever they make a sale.

The overall goal is to design the funnel in a way that you’ll be able to break even on your advertising on a monthly basis so that after you get through the first commission cycle you’ll be able to start scaling your business by reinvesting your commissions and growing your marketing budget.

This part can get a little dry, but pay attention, you really need to know this stuff. If you master this, you can make another magical money multiplying machine whenever you want to.

I’m going to define a few different pieces of the funnel, and I’m going to show you the best way to put them together. A sales funnel is just a series of webpages, automated emails, and even live events designed to gain someones trust and eventually sell them something. It’s easy to learn how to get people to trust you when you’re sitting in front of them, but it’s much harder to do it through a sales funnel.

So here are some words for you to learn:

Lead magnet – this is essentially a bribe that you offer people in exchange for their contact information.

Landing page – this is the page that you use to promise your lead magnet, and collect emails.

Auto responder – this is a piece of software that collects and stores contact info., as well as allowing you to organize the contact info and send automated emails to them.

Thank you page – this is optional, but it’s a page that thanks people for opting in to your list, and tells them what to do next. Sometimes it is used for building up the value of the lead magnet and starting to earn their trust by introducing yourself.

Delivery page – this is the page where you actually deliver the promised lead magnet. usually a video, article, or some sort of download.

Sales page – this is the last step of your funnel, where after giving them what they asked for, you attempt to sell them something. Sometimes, it can be very very effective to ‘sell without selling’ on your delivery page, as part of your lead magnet.

Follow up sequence – this is the series of automated emails that’ll be sent by your auto responder that you’ll use to deliver value (freebies similar to the original lead magnet), introduce yourself, build trust, and hopefully make a few more sales.

Those are the major pieces of the sales funnel we’ll be building in this series. Below, I’ll describe exactly how they fit together, and in the next few articles I’ll go through the technical part of actually setting it all up. I’ll literally go click by click and show you exactly what to do and exactly how to do it so you can copy me exactly.

Landing page => Thank you page => Delivery page => Follow up sequence => Sales page

The delivery page will gently sell the product, or even several products, while the follow up sequence and sales page will gradually get more and more direct.

Watch this video for a verbal and visual explanation.

Click here for Step 2: Building a landing page. (but only if you have the password, follow the instructions below to get it)

If you would like to have access to the rest of this guide, you’ll have to join my list by clicking here. You’ll get emails with passwords for each step in the guide. I literally show you, click by click, how I set up a profitable sales funnel. Pretty much anyone could follow along well enough to build their own profitable sales funnel, even the lazy idiots out there.

That’s the great thing about the internet, even a lazy idiot can make money online if they copy someone who knows what they’re doing.

Click here to get access to the rest of this guide.